Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Speaking of Drugs ...

Yesterday morning while I was taking Gus out for a walk, the little guy picked up something off the ground, something he does all too often. When I scolded him and it fell to the ground, I noticed it was a teeny tiny baggie filled with a white powder substance. Yeah. Now, I'm typically an "every-man-for-himself" kind of girl, so I picked it up and sort of threw it out of the way, hoping that Gus wouldn't sniff it out and find it again. Or that some child - and there are several who live in our complex, I might add - wouldn't noticed it on the ground.

Last night, as Mike was taking Gus to the bathroom again, the little guy found it - again - and picked it up in his mouth. This time, he didn't drop it when Mike scolded him, and Mike had to pry his mouth open (a common occurrence on daily bathroom walks) to get it out. When they came back inside, we decided to call the cops, who came and took the baggie filled with white powder substance. Mr. Policeman said it appeared to be meth, but that he'd have to have it checked out. If it does turn out to be meth, we'll have to file a police report.

For the record, there are several young children who live in our complex, many dogs whose owners let them roam free around the greens, and our apartment complex sits right across from a middle school. Reality people. In your back yard.

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