Tuesday, July 8, 2008


So, I just got a call from my lovely boyfriend about a job that he is likely going to get. Let me give you some background. Mike works in the oil and gas industry. For the past three or four months, he's been trying to get a job that would more than triple his income. The guys who have the say-so have been telling him that they'll keep him in mind, that he's next in line, etc., etc. Well, today one of them tells him that he's definitely going to get the job, and it will probably be next month.

Now you're thinking: "Why aren't you jumping up and down with joy? You won't have to work!"

Well, not so fast. In this job that he will likely get, he will only work 1/2 the year. ("Well, that's just gravy!" I can hear you say.) Only thing is, he'll work 7-on, 7-off; or more likely, 14-on, 14-off. Which wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that he'll be gone on those "on" days. "So NOW we're getting somewhere," you say.

Mike has already told me that he wants me to handle the financial aspects of this job - which is great because I like to manage money. Especially if I have it. :) Seriously though, I can do that. He's also told me that he doesn't expect me to work. He actually wants me to stay at home. (You're thinking, "What's the problem?" right?) Well, there are a couple of things that I'm concerned about.

1: I'm scared. I don't know how to handle that much money. I don't know how to do quarterly business taxes. I run from that stuff. And I would hate to mess it up. So I'm in the process of scoping out accountants as we speak. (Or as I write.)

2: I don't want him gone all that long. I mean, 7 days wouldn't be bad. I think I could handle that. But 14 is a stretch. I am really scared of that because I'm worried about what kind of commitment that will be. I mean, this is the guy that I've been thinking I might want to marry someday. So I'm thinking more long-term. Like, what if we have kids? How much will I want him to be home then?

And so I'm stressed, to say the least. I was just going to talk to him about this last night, too.

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