Friday, November 27, 2009

Wreath Making, Part Deuce

I finally got around to making the second wreath of the season - one for my good friend Kristen. I dare say it looks better than the first! See for yourself:

Now off to eat some leftover pecan pie! :)

Sunday, November 22, 2009

A day in the park

I've been pretty lazy this weekend, considering. (I say that, I did 5 loads of laundry and vacuumed, so I wasn't that lazy.) But still. All of the Christmas shopping I was hoping to get done this weekend flew right out the window. And it was a GREAT weekend. Lots of 'me' time, solitude, etc.

Anyway, so today I thought I'd get up off my lazy patoot and take the dog to the dog park. I mean, I could've stayed home with him and played fetch 15 bazillion times, but I thought Why Not?

I wasn't able to get any pictures of Gus while he was at the dog park, because I was chasing him around the whole time and trying to keep him out of the ONE mudhole (unsuccessfully, I might add). But I did stop to snap a pic of him after we got home.

I love what the dog park does to him!!!

He's been in his bed since we've been home, with no whining and no playing fetch a thousand times. Believe me people, wearing your dog out is so worth it.

Even if I did get peed on. By a dog that looked like this:

As sucky as that may sound, I am really glad I wasn't on the other end, i.e., the parents of that dog. I think that would have been more embarrassing.

Friday, November 20, 2009

I need hobbies!!!!

Well, actually, I have found one or two. I'm getting into the Christmas spirit this year a little bit earlier than usual, and I'm feeling crafty. So I decided to make a Christmas wreath. As with my usual endeavors, I bought a ton of stuff and hoped that I'd follow through and actually use most of it - and it looks like I'm going to this time!

I started out with a wooden wreath, then bought some greenery to put on it. I did it this way because I wanted to be able to say I really made one from scratch. Then I bought about 20 little odds and ends to go on the wreath. (I had to buy that many because I didn't know where my creativity would take me...) ;-)

Anyway, I don't have a picture of the bare bones wooden wreath, because I wasn't sure I was going to document this little endeavor, but I do have the rest of the steps:

Step 1 - This was actually the hardest part, getting all of the garland (or whatever it's called) wrapped around and fastened to the wood.

Step 2:

Final product:

Now, since I've got so much stuff left over, I'm going to make one for some friends! And after that, it's on to homemade stockings! I love being creative. :)