Friday, August 8, 2008


For me, they are the most peaceful times of my days. Considering that I usually go to bed completely stressed out, mind overworked, this can't come as a surprise. But I can't really remember ever having these mornings before I met Mike.

Those of you who know me know that I dread that annoying sound that goes off at my bedside precisely at 7:01 a.m. every day. You know that I am pretty much always late. Some of you may even know that I absolutely loathe the sound the dang alarm makes. Any alarm, whether it's music or beep-beep-beeps. But I absolutely love waking up in the morning next to Mike. There is something about lying there, refreshed and ready for the day ahead, and knowing that he's right next to me. Maybe it's the fact that he's the first thing that I think about in the morning, which makes me happy.

Before, I would wake up dreading work and waiting/hoping that the worries that I carry would wait just a little while before they popped into my brain (and they never did). Now, I wake up feeling refreshed, like God has wiped my brain's worry-slate clean, and the first thing that I remember is that he's there next to me. And the worries from the day before don't seem to matter as much as they used to. I don't know how to explain this feeling. I just love it.

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