Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tree, Round 2

So, as I thought this week on what the second phase of my artwork would be like, the color orange kept "coming to me," as they say. We finally went to Michael's last night and got some, because 'lo and behold, I didn't have that color. I took some time this morning to work on it, and here is what came to mind. I still don't have it exactly like I want it - which is to say that I don't know exactly how I want it just yet - so it's definitely not finished. I realized from my first draft that I didn't have a tree trunk (go figure that I would forget something like that!), so I added one into this one.

View my incomplete 2nd draft below, and feel free to make any changes to the poll for better or worse (though better, I hope)!


Jennifer Narrow said...

I like it. I would add a little green, but grey is fine too! I love the orange. It makes me want to start painting again. Maybe after the wedding!

Anonymous said...

In honor of this new phase of self-expression, perhaps a title could be "Branching out."