Monday, May 4, 2009

Life's a Journey

I find myself sometimes looking down at my pretty Journey necklace that Mike got me on our first Christmas together, and wondering where we are in the journey. There are seven diamonds on this necklace, and I've often categorized what each one of them means. I think we might be at diamond #4.

I imagine the first diamond means the day that we met, when we didn't know each other that long. Maybe we had just decided to start dating. The second and third diamonds, I think, represent how our relationship has grown, with the third one ending at the night Mike proposed to me in the living room of our not-yet-fully-purchased first home.

And so I'm guessing that the fourth diamond stands for marriage. Maybe the fifth one stands for children, the sixth for our middle-aged lives raising our children and seeing them grown. The seventh, for sure, is for being grandparents :)

1 comment:

Jesse and Jodie said...

Oh that's so cool....makes me want a 7 diamond ring too! Sounds so sentimental!!!