Friday, May 22, 2009

Good Things Post

Writing. It's a form of expression. For me, it's a way that I can escape from the world and delve into my own feelings and my own soul. It's a way that I can release things like anger, sadness, anxiety, etc.

Right now I want to write about some things that I should really be talking about. My stomach is in knots. Has been for the past week. A lot of stuff going on with family, friends, etc. I just halfway don't want to deal with it all. The other half of me is trying not to stress about the little things, something I'm working on in my relationship with my soon-to-be husband. Only I didn't expect it to be this hard.

I just want to crawl in a little hole and stay there for the next week or two. Just everything that has been going on has really gotten me stressed out, angry, and really depressed. I used to think that I was depressed. Now I know how it feels. But maybe I should focus on the good things in life:

a. I have a good job. One that doesn't stress me out and make me crazy. That's a plus.
b. I have a great relationship with Mike. Now that we're 15 days from the Big Day, or better yet, 15 days from the beginning of the rest of our lives. I like how that sounds better. Wedding shmedding.
c. I have wonderful friends.
d. I/We have been lucky enough to meet a very nice and non-intimidating Person within the Church with whom we have met a couple of times about marriage preparation. I'm thankful for the marriage preparation.
e. I got to drive a really cool Avalanche today because my Little Honda appeared to have a low tire. And who needs that? ;-) Mikey doesn't mind.

Funny enough, focusing on the good in a not-so-great situation really does help.

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Jesse and Jodie said...

AND.....your going to be a beautiful and glowing bride in 8 days!