Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And then... it just happened (Pt 2)

After settling into the idea that I -no, we - will be living in a brand new house where we can very soon begin digging in our heels, we decided to go over there last night and take some measurements. Well, actually, Mike wanted to go over there and take some measurements of where the fridge will go, so we will know not to get one that's too big or too small. And I wanted to show the house to one of my close friends who hadn't seen it yet.

After pulling into the driveway (and trying futilly to take pictures in the dark of us by the "SOLD" sign), we went to go inside. Since all the doors were locked, we had to break in a window. (I mean, we're buying it, I guess we can break in...) So as Mike got the tape measure going, I called my friend, who told me she didn't want to come look at the house yet because it was already dark outside and she wanted to see it in the daytime. I thought that was a little odd of her, since the lights are turned on in the house, but I just shrugged it off and recommenced babbling to Mike about how excited I was about the house. And then I got a huge suprise.

Standing in the living room of our new house, Mike walks up to me and pulls this beautiful ring out and asks me: "Would you be the first and last woman that I ever love?" I couldn't believe it! After wiping away my tears as I continued to hug him, he asks, "So, will you?" I had been so excited that I hadn't said anything! So I said, "Uh hunh. Yes." And that's how it happened.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! That'll teach me not to check more frequently on friends' blogs! Sorry to be just now getting to the news but ...


Suzy and I wish you all the happiness you can stand.

I hope moving in wasn't too stressful. I imagine it seems like a great adventure in the life of the newly engaged.