Friday, October 31, 2008

And then... it just happened

About six or seven months ago, I thought about buying a house. I told myself I wasn't in a big hurry, for a couple of different reasons. Not to mention freaking out about spending a lot of money on a 30-year committment (!), I also wasn't sure where I wanted to live and if I was really ready to step into my Grown Up Shoes. So I just told myself that I wanted, somehow, to be in a house by the first of the year.

So, I forgot about it for several months. Then a couple of months ago I started thinking about it again. It took me a while to decide where I wanted to live, but ultimately, the hour-long drive home every day after work told me that I should probably move closer to the Big City. So about two weeks ago, I decided to go look at houses in this cute little neighborhood. After looking at several that were just OK, I finally walked into one that I really liked. I loved loved loved the cabinets in the kitchen! And the cute little arches that line the walls and lead into the living room were really unique. Not to mention the HUGE master bedroom with a walk-in closet! And I can't forget to mention the back yard that is almost fully fenced. Oh, how it would be so nice to let the 80-pound puppy go outside without having to worry about him running off.

So I thought about it for a week or so, then took Mike over there to look at it again, and something I didn't expect to happen happened. He loved it! So much so that he told me on that Saturday to go the following Monday and get it.

Being my usual no-thrills, Big Time Thinking, Doesn't Rush Into Anything self, I told him that I was going to have to think about it for a week or so. I mean, it hadn't sold in two weeks, so what was another week, right? And in this particular neighborhood, I could always build one just like it if it wasn't there. So over the weekend, I talked it over with all of my usual Decision-Helpers, and decided that I should probably go ahead on Monday and try to get them to at least hold the house for me for a week or so.

Well, Monday turned into Tuesday, the day that I put down earnest money on the house that I somehow decided in a weekend that I wanted to buy. Tuesday was also the same day that the sellers told me that they were going to finish out my fence for The Puppy for free. Ah, free -- one of my favorite words! Not to mention the fact that I am getting a couple of add-ons at no extra cost, too! But those aren't the only exciting parts: I am supposed to close on the Awesome House in three weeks. Three weeks! I never would have imagined it would be so soon.

I've found that the most amazing thing about this whole process is that it has been so easy for me. All of the things that I thought I would have to worry about are all being taken care of by the sellers and the bank. I never once thought that it would be this carefree. Well, so far anyway. :)

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