Sunday, July 31, 2011

My little boy

I just realized that I don't post enough pictures of my little man on here. I must be a terrible mother. 

Turns out, my little man is not so "little" anymore. He weighs about 18 pounds, is 28 inches tall, and tries to eat everything in sight. He has 1 tooth and eats baby food as well as fresh fruits and vegetables. I would say his favorite food he has tried so far is cantaloupe, although he's not really picky. To date, he has not turned away a single piece of food that has been offered to him. LOL.
Here he is with a piece of celery.
He sleeps good at night and naps well throughout the day. His favorite activity right now is probably standing. He loves to stand up with our assistance, although he can't balance himself yet. But he likes to try to take steps and reach to the ground for his toys. 
Here he is with his Auntie.
At 7 months, he's not quite crawling yet but I don't think it will be long. He currently "crawls" in a circle and doesn't appreciate being on his tummy for very long, but I think that will change when he figures out he can move himself. We usually put a blanket underneath him when he's on the floor, and instead of crawling to his toys, he pulls the blanket towards him to get them. Working smarter, not harder! ;-)

He likes to play, but when he's tired, he's tired. I have never seen a child scream so bad to be put in his bed to go to sleep. Most kids enjoy being rocked and cuddled. And so did Cole. Now, the only time I get cuddles is in the morning when no one else is awake - and that's only if I'm lucky. But Mike? He gets cuddles and the joy of rocking him to sleep on most nights. It must be their "man time." I swear that boy never lets me rock him to sleep like he lets his Daddy do it!
Rocking with Daddy.
He never meets a stranger. He LOVES attention and will smile and flirt with anyone who walks by.

Who wouldn't love this face?


Kristin said...

Not terrible! Just busy! And oh my does time fly with these babies! Cole is starting to look like his own person - not just a baby face, lol.

Amanda said...

This is too cute. :)