Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Questions only a pregnant woman would ask

How many calories am I burning when I shave my legs? Enough to count as a workout?

Is it possible to overdose on Tums?

When I'm laying on one side, is my baby's head upside down and if so, is all the blood rushing to his brain?

When I'm starving, does my baby feel the hunger pains, too?

When I'm yelling at Gus, am I giving my baby a complex that I am going to yell at him the same way? Does he think he's going to be born into a home that isn't loving?

When I experience a little ... ahem ... road rage, am I teaching my son cuss words?

Is it bad that I have a favorite flavor of Tums?

Is it bad that I get excited about new flavors of Tums?

Is it him who's craving the sweets or is it just me?  Because if cravings are any indication as to what my child will eat, he's going to come out wanting fried chicken and an orange Fanta. And a Twix for dessert.


Kristin said...

Don't worry. Kahlan has yet to scarf down a snicker's bar despite wanting to eat them every day in the belly.

And I really don't know why they say only so many Tums in 24 hours. I went through 2 bottles. (different flavors?! which is your favorite?)

And the best for last - wait til Cole gets here and you'll be googling "Can a baby be in a swing too long?"

stacy said...

I like the purple berry ones the best. The tropical ones don't work as well as the berry ones.

And I'm sure I'll be googling random thoughts after he gets here as well. It is weird the things your brain comes up with!

Rachel said...

HAHA, Love the Tums comments! For the record, I like cherry. :D