Friday, August 13, 2010


Dear Cole,

The words aren't coming easy tonight. I am just so thankful for you. Each week I see my belly getting bigger and bigger and I feel you move more frequently now, so I'm feeling a lot closer to you. This week, you went with me to Las Vegas, a work trip that I was not really excited to have to attend. But nonetheless, we went, and I noticed something.

I had been in kind of a funk prior to going and at times while I was there. I know the doctor said it was safe to travel with you, but I still worry ... because I'm the only advocate you have right now. And so I sometimes worry about whether or not some things are safe for me to do while you're growing in there.

But this week, I kind of felt like you were reassuring me that everything was okay. I found that each time I felt worried about you, you would start to kick. And when I was upset about things, you would move around a lot, which always puts a smile on my face. It's like you were telling me that you were fine, and honestly, it moved me to put forth a better attitude. I thought of how thankful I am for you, and it made the things that I was upset over seem smaller and not as important.

I love you and I can't wait for you to join us here on the "outside." But I'm cherishing these moments with you now and enjoying having you all to myself in the meantime.


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Jennifer Narrow said...

How sweet. I'm so excited for you both. I need some belly pics!! I told Scott I'm ready to start having kids. He just laughed! Want to do lunch sometime? I'm free next Tuesday and Wednesday and every Friday.