Sunday, April 18, 2010

The House that Daddy Built

Now that Gus is over 2 years old, we decided it was time for him to have his own dog house. He's lived inside his whole life, except when we're gone when he usually stays outside. Except when it rains and he stays inside or in the garage. You get the point. Plus, there are going to be some big changes in our house soon, so he needs a place he can go to to stay dry and warm.

After much debate about what type of dog house to buy, Mike decided he was going to just build him one. Let me tell you, I am so proud of this dog house! It only took him a weekend to build, and it looks so good! And the best part about it is (other than that I get to paint it) is that Gus seems to like it. (This is a big deal coming from a dog who cries when we put him outside to go potty.) But we threw some treats in there to get him interested, and he's been going in and out of it since yesterday when it was still being built, so there is hope for him yet!

Below are some pictures of the house being built: 

 Putting the shingles on...

Finito! Gus likes!

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zesty_krstn said...

Did you guys build that on your own or with a plan from the store? cute. my dogs never liked their igloos except they'd run into it when they were scared.