Saturday, February 13, 2010

A Whole New World

Well, I'm 10 days in on my Lasik surgery, so I thought I'd give all 3 of y'all who read this an update ;-)

It is literally AMAZING. I went in and had the surgery - didn't feel any pain and it took 10 whole minutes (if that). The next morning I was sitting at my kitchen table and looked up at the clock on the stove about 15 feet away and saw that it was 8:34. I haven't been able to read things like that without assistance in a very long time. Then later that day - one day following the surgery - I went in for a follow up and am seeing 20/15. How amazing! I literally wanted to go outside and just LOOK at things!

I chose McFarland Eye Centers, and am glad I did. The doctor who did my surgery also noticed a mistake in my glasses prescription (I don't know whether it was really wrong or whether one of the nurses wrote it down wrong.) At any rate, when he showed me the mistake during my eye exam, the only line I could read was the Big E. And I know my eyes aren't weren't that bad. ;-)  So, that was reassuring. Plus, he did his residency at the Mayo Clinic, so that made me very confident in his ability.

Deciding to have the procedure was definitely a jump of faith, since it's non-reversible and there are no guarantees, but it's one that I'm so glad I made.

And now, I'm counting the days blessings since I had it, and looking forward to many more glasses/contacts-free days in the future!

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