Monday, February 15, 2010

Not Me! Monday

 In the spirit of honesty, I'll post some things today that I certainly did not do this week.

While playing fetch with my son dog in the 5 inches of snow we got the other day, I did not wear my husband's ugly motorcycle boots - with hot pink pants tucked in - out to the mailbox because I didn't want to get my feet wet in my tennis shoes.

Also while playing fetch with Gus, I did not praise him for pooping, uh, twice, in our front yard instead of someone else's. We have a strict backyard bathroom rule that we enforce at all times, and I guess an even stricter poop-in-your-own-yard-not-the-neighbors' rule. I don't have to tell you that my husband gave me funny looks after the snow melted...

Since my husband flies model RC airplanes, he is all the time buying  new planes and working on them. I guess since it's been brutally cold lately (or maybe his plane area in the garage is just too full), he's been taking to working on his planes inside...

So right now, I do not have a half-put-together model airplane and 1,000 different parts, glue, etc., sitting on my new kitchen table that we got for Christmas. Kind of reminds me of back when we were living in an apartment and I did not let him store his motorcycle in the kitchen... Guess I kind of started something there... ;-)

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