Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wedding planning .... woo hoo.

We are about 2 and a half months out from our wedding date, and I am finally realizing the meaning of "Bridezilla." I'm cranky, I'm stressed out, and I'm tired of planning. I get aggravated more easily and lately seem to have no patience for people, including those most important to me, in addition to those I work with. I swear, if I make it past this wedding without getting fired or dumped, I'll be happy.

I never wanted to be a Bridezilla. I never thought I would be, although that little Curious Kitty in the back of my mind always wondered why people got so Bridezilla-ey. Oh, how I was so unsuspecting!

Throughout this whole process, I've been keeping with the Practical Stacy Tradition and trying to remember that it's not really about the big day, it's about what comes after that's important. Hence, the reason that I don't want to spend the average $10,000 on things that I don't need and that don't really follow the aforementioned tradition. I want my wedding day to be a laid-back celebration with family and friends, similar to a nice, fun, backyard get-together that I would have at home. I still want that. I don't regret cutting costs where I have, and I think because of that, our wedding will resemble our own unique characteristics and personalities.

One thing I would do differently, however, is invitations. Even if it means charging it to a credit card. I chose to make our own invitations instead of having them done, and I'm realizing that it's more of a headache than it's worth the money I saved (if I even saved any). Seriously, the past two weeks we have been working on wedding invitations, and I'm to the point that I want to take a baseball bat to my printer. For real. (Don't ever buy an HP printer.)

Anyway, back to the subject... I have always wanted to be able to look forward to my wedding day with excitement, joy, and love; and for the most part, I think I will. But I never, ever want to go through this again, and the honeymoon can't come soon enough!


Anonymous said...

it's going to be great. it's going to be great. don't worry, be happy.

these things work out. even the HP printer (ours does not play as nice as it should with our MacBook, but it eventually behaves). we've learned to use scrap paper until absolutely sure a project is ready.

we're rooting for you. give yourself permission to breathe and to stumble a bit. you're headed for a great day.

stacy said...

awww, thanks!