Friday, August 31, 2012

Dear Cole

You're 20 months old now. (That's almost 2, ya know?)

You still bring me so much joy! And challenges.

It's raining cats and dogs here in Arkansas due to tropical depression Isaac. Yesterday, I was trying to get you to come in from outside and ended up chasing you in the rain. You thought it was funny.

So did I.

Last night, we were reading a book and I pointed to a guinea pig. I point to things in books randomly and ask you what they are just to see what you know. To my surprise, you told me that it was a "gee pig," so I applauded you for being so smart. Then, you proceeded to tell me that guinea pigs say "OINK!" It was so cute that you inferred that, because it is a pig, it must say Oink.

I didn't have the heart to tell you that you were wrong, so I just smiled.

Most mornings when we feed Gus, you sneak a few bites of dog food from him. I have tried to stop you and keep you from doing this, but it is so fascinating to you how and what a dog eats that you have to try it.

I don't stop you anymore. Soon enough, you'll realize that it doesn't taste that good and you'll quit.

We were in your room getting ready for bed the other night and you brought me a book. Instead of getting up to go into the living room like I usually do, I just laid down in the floor to read to you. You thought it was so cool that we were laying down to read that you would get up to get another book and then lay back down right beside me so that I could read it to you. Then you'd look over at me and grin really big.

That melted my heart.

Every day is a new day, a new challenge. But I try to make the most of it, because I realize this time is precious and we are only promised today.

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Kristin said...

Despite the tantrums and challenges, this age range is so stinking cute. I am really going to miss this phase.